Cracker Tin Crafts

I'm a crafter and like to experiment with different crafts all the time. Currently I make jewelry (chainmaille, hand painted, beading), Sculpey maquettes, crochet (both flat and amigurumi style), and mix in the occasional sewing/cosplay project. Combined with my love of video games- quite a few of my crafts tend to be game themed. Some of my crafts are available for sale!

Lantern shark. Several small species in deep sea contain tiny bio luminescent splotches. 

30 minutes

The official update for today. Sharky cousins! Rays/skates, guitar fish, chimaera, and saw fish.

Whats that? I forgot to update yesterday? Noooo, thats…. nooo

Leopard shark! Also commonly referred to as Zebra shark for the stripes the juvenile has. Looks like two completely different sharks.

Not a painting, just a scan. Goblin shark and Frilled shark, my absolute favorites.

Artflow sketch! Goblin sharks are adorable when their mouths are closed. Still getting the hang of my tablet, might do a more refined painting on the computer.
15 minutes

I painted this about 2 months back and forgot about it. It’s my little personal desk plant, a tiny little aloe called a “Hey Babe”. I caught it just before all the flowers faded away.

15 minutes.

Apparently my eyes were already too used to flux (its a screen color changer for night time computing) so i ended up doing those two speed paints without knowing what colors i used!

Aw well, at least they still looked okay.

Woe be gone, wobbegong! Love these guys! I honestly think great whites get too much screen time, we need to love some of our cuter sharks.

30 minutes.

10 minutes, ish, probably less, I had star-gate distracting me.

30 minute speed paint, Alligator gar. I was gonna do sharks for shark week, but eh, just wasn’t feeling it yesterday. I’ll make up for it, 7 shark speed paints coming up!